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The olive tree:

a story of life

and resilience passion discovery

The story of our oil tells of the heat of the sun, the blowing of the wind and the slow pitter-patter of rain on leaves.  It tells of the passion of those who believe in this story and the land of our roots.

To talk about Mercante d’Olio, we need to narrate our adventure.


Our Oil

Limited & Premium


Our Oil

Limited & Premium

Our olive groves nestle in the Vittorio Veneto hills of Italy.

Different varieties of tree (Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and Coratina) and the unique properties of the soil in which they grow yield a surprisingly sweet, mild oil.

Every bottle contains the exquisite yellow-green liquid obtained from naturally grown olives. This is a noble but simple product, nourished by the passion of those who make it.

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Our Work

genuinely natural oil


Il Nostro Lavoro

genuinely natural oil

Our olive trees are treated simply with a mix of essential oils and entirely natural products.

No aggressive pesticides are used, just attention to the needs of the tree and its development.

Olive trees are robust and resilient, and only need our care and attention. To let the trees grow healthily and naturally we have chosen to use only essential oils and innovative cultivation methods.

It’s an ongoing process that allows us to learn as our olive groves thrive.

Our Land

hills steeped in history

Mercante d’Olio olive groves stretch between the villages of Cappella Maggiore and Sarmede, in the hamlets of Anzano and Montaner; a grey-blue expanse nestling in the luscious green Veneto hills.

Though it may appear harsh at first sight, the area provides our trees with good exposure, sheltered by the mountains, with a terroir rich in gravelly soil ideal for olive growing.

We have chosen the best position for our olive trees, where they can give of their best and produce amazing oil.

Our Passion

behind our oil

This is a story that narrates commitment, passion and adventure.  Moreno Barel, our olive grower, left his job as CEO of an important multinational to dedicate himself to growing olive trees.

In 2020 a story as simple as water and soil began, branching out just like one of our olive trees.

Nature is rediscovered, and research and entrepreneurial skills come together to write the story of a new project aimed at excellence.

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