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Introducing Limited: a premium-quality, limited release extra-virgin olive oil cold pressed from the first, selected olives of the season. 

It is an ultra-premium oil for the discerning connoisseur who values and demands the best quality. Savour the unique taste of our exclusive, extraordinary, extra-virgin olive oil. 

Buy your Limited extra-virgin olive oil and step into Il Mercante d’Olio’s world

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Technical sheet del prodotto

Olive varieties: Leccino, Pendolino, Frantoio.

Colour: bright emerald green with golden reflections.

Nose: medium fruity.

Palate: very low acidity. Mild and smooth on the palate, with slight bitterness and rising pungency. Elegant aromas are accompanied by a delicate aftertaste; flavours are supported by balanced levels of bitter and spicy sensations. Download the chemical analyzes of our oil.

Harvest period: early harvest in early to mid-October to guarantee premium quality.

Harvesting method: harvesting by hand, with the help of mechanical tree shakers. Upon harvesting, the olives are divided into separate batches and classified according to stringent quality criteria. Harvesting operations are organised in such a way as to ensure the olives are brought to the mill for crushing within no more than a few hours. Due to our unwavering commitment to quality, in certain years our oil may be available in limited quantities, or even not be available at all.[Ritorno a capo del testo] 

Pressing method:
or oil is produced in a mill equipped with Alfa Laval next-generation continuous-cycle, two-stage extraction technology. Each phase of the process takes place at a controlled temperature, with cold extraction at 27° C. Extraction at a controlled temperature is vital for preserving the organoleptic characteristics and aromas of the extra-virgin olive oil. Operation in a closed system ensures there is no exposure to light, heat or air. The olive paste is thus protected from oxidation and retains all its precious tocopherol antioxidant content produced during this stage of the process. The result is exceptional oil with organoleptic properties of the highest grade. Since the olives are harvested early, the oil yield per kilo is lower than average. By putting quality before quantity we can guarantee our extra-virgin olive oil is always premium grade.   

store in a cool place away from light and heat. Recommended storage temperature: store at a constant temperature of 14-16° C.[Ritorno a capo del testo]Being only partly wrapped in foil, the bottle should be kept inside its box to protect it from light and heat.

Bottle and packaging:
our oil is presented in sophisticated glass bottles adorned with elegant lettering and graphic details that recall Venice. The bottles are only partly wrapped in foil to show off their precious content and highlight its bright colour. The packaging is made with high-quality materials specifically selected for their ability to ensure the best possible preservation of the oil, and also glorify it in the most luxurious way. 

The special high-quality cardboard box serves two purposes: protect the oil and add a touch of exquisite design. 

100% Italian origin

Nutritional facts per 100 g

Calories: 900 kcal/3700 kj

Toal fat: 100 g (saturated fat: 18,5 g)

Total carbohydrate: 0 g (sugar: 0 g)

Protein: 0 g

Salt: 0 g

Produced by:
Società Agricola Rive di Anzano s.s · Via Rive di Anzano, 10
31012 – Cappella Maggiore (TV) – Italy

Bottled and packed by:
Agripharma S.c.a. · Via Prima Strada, 11
35040 · Vescovana (PD) – Italy


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